Frequently Asked Questions

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We hope that your questions are answered here, on this page.

Do you accept credit cards?
* Yes.

Do your deejays make announcements and serve as Master of Ceremonies?
* Yes. I am there to also serve as MC and to make whatever announcements that you need.

Can I reserve your services online?
* Not currently - in the meantime you just call or email me and I will mail you everything that you need, including return envelopes.

Do you take requests?
* Yes. Subject to your approval. I aim to please your guests but we always respect your wishes.

How do I know that you will show up on time?
* I have a money-back, on-time guarantee that is spelled out in the contract. Actually, I arrive on site an hour and a half early in order to have plenty of time to set up the mobile sound and light show. I arrive on site only an hour early if I do not need to set up the light show.

Are you insured?
* Yes. Echoes Sound & Light carries liability insurance for your protection. This does not cost you anything.

I see that your mailing address is in Owensboro, KY; you probably don’t travel this far.
* Echoes Sound & Light travels up to 50 miles (100 miles round trip) without any mileage charges. See the travel area page for more information.

My computer warns me when I click on the link to bring up your contract.
* Some firewalls and virus blockers may warn you about Active X controls. If the program gives you an option to open the file anyway, go ahead, the contract is harmless. Otherwise you may have to temporarily shut off your virus protection to open the file.

What is meant by 'Up to One Hour of Complimentary Dinner Music'?
* I began offering this service mainly for the wedding receptions at which I deejay. There is usually some down-time at a reception as the guests arrive from the chapel in advance of the bride, groom, and wedding party. There is also some down-time while guests and wedding party are eating.

During this time, I will put on our CD of light music to play in the background. If you wish to supply your own CD of special music for me to play for the dinner music, that's great - I will be happy to play it. I am considered off-duty and unavailable to take requests or to make announcements. That is why this service is provided free of charge.

After one hour, the dinner music time begins to count against your contracted time. Of course, dinner music time may not last an entire hour. Your contracted time will begin as soon as I begin making announcements, taking requests, and entertaining your guests. (Don't worry about the couple of minutes that the DJ will spend announcing the arrival of the wedding party, that's on us.)

Lastly, just because we began this service with wedding receptions in mind does not mean that you can't take advantage of our complimentary dinner music for a class reunion, office party, or any other occasion.